What’s in my bag, 02.19.18

Did some organizing yesterday, and one thing I’ve been wanting to do is cut back on how many things I’m carrying on a day-to-day basis. It is so annoying to have to dig through my bag to find my keys or my badge for work, so I decided my minimalist goals should extend to my handbag.


I pared it down to the above, which I think are either a) the essentials or b) items that can help me dress up an outfit if I have to go somewhere at the last minute, which happens sometimes.

Starting from the top left, I have a Mr. B’s aromatherapy roll-on for stress/ anxiety. I got a whole set of them in my Fall Causebox, and I really love them! I have a couple on my desk at work as well, including one for headache relief. I’m honestly never sure if aromatherapy actually works, but it does make me feel better, even if it’s just a placebo effect.

Of course I have my keys, with my AMA Animal Rescue key ring. I’ve been an AMA volunteer for more than a year, and am so proud of the work we do each day to help homeless and neglected animals.

I also have a Chelsea King scrunchie (along with about one million regular hair ties which seemed redundant to include here), in rose blush. It doesn’t go with everything but pink is my favorite color, so to me it made the most sense to pick that one when I bought it, since it’s a fun little accessory.

Next is my Cuyana silk scarf, which I actually probably shouldn’t carry around as it might get damaged. But I like to have a scarf on hand in case I need to dress up what I’m wearing, either by wearing it around my neck or tying it on my bag.

My Chanel wallet was purchased secondhand on a major splurge. There’s something kind of cool about secondhand luxury items (even though they aren’t ethically made), because I sometimes like to imagine the person who owned it before me. I really like the size of this wallet, and that it has a flap section on both sides to store extra cards, money, whatever.

A few beauty products…Honest Magic Balm (which works not just on lips, but cuticles, dry skin, etc.); Pharmacia perfume, which has an almond/vanilla scent; and Evian face mist, which M. ALWAYS laughs at me for because it is “just water” which I know. But it is really cooling and since I have combination skin, it seems to provide just the right amount of moisture. I also like that it’s unscented, unlike the Herbivore mist. The smell of that one kind of gets to me.

And lastly, my Cuyana leather pouch which holds all my doo-dads, like my badge so I don’t misplace it, bobby pins, ibuprofen, etc.

Oh, also my cell phone, but I had to use that to take the photo!

Besides the essentials like your phone, keys and wallet, what can’t you leave the house without? (For me, it’s the magic balm!)


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