Winter 10 x 10 days 7, 8 + closet cleanout

Hi everyone, happy Saturday!

Putting my days 7 and 8 into one post since they’re somewhat similar.


Thoughts on this look: I wasn’t really a fan. I actually wanted to wear my chambray top with this Amour Vert dress for day 7, but I forgot to wash it, and it did need to be washed! So I wore my Cuyana sweatshirt and scarf instead – items I love, but just not so much in this combination. Oh well. It was Friday, so who cares. You can’t win ’em all.


Thoughts on this look: I like it! I mean, it’s pretty basic, but it was perfect for a Saturday spent catching up on freelance projects and cleaning out my closet. So, comfort and being basic were actually pretty important. Again, it’s the Madewell jeans, and the Cuyana sweatshirt as it should be rightfully worn. I accessorized with this Jimani Collections necklace.

But onto my closet cleaning. What a doozy! Took a few hours. I have, for the longest time, been saying how I’m both proud of how far my closet has come, and feeling like I need to do more to clean out what I don’t really wear. I still have a long way to go, and I still have too many things. Aspiring minimalist, you know?

But I’m really proud of the below photos, because if you saw where I started two years ago, as a fast-fashion obsessed clotheshorse, you would be stunned by this. Really.

I was going to do an audit and tally up how many I have of each category of item, but honestly I’m not sure it’s the best use of my time right now with some other things I’ve got going on, and I think the photos give me (and hopefully you) a good idea of where I’m at currently.



(My pants and handbags and some casual wear are on the bottom shelves (but our storage space is small and I couldn’t get back far enough to take the photo due to some Christmas decor and furniture we have stored. Did I mention we only have one closet, which M. uses?) and shoes are on a dedicated rack, but I haven’t finished going through those yet. I have ~30 pairs.

LOL, also it’s worth pointing out my collection of white button downs are a necessity, because when I work trade shows I have a specific uniform and I need enough button downs for five days without being able to do laundry. And maybe this is TMI, but you sweat, a lot, working a show all day. So just ignore that! Sometimes, we can’t avoid having certain things.

The thing I’m the most proud of in these photos is the alignment with my defined color palette. Outside of a few red/ burgundy pieces that are seasonal for the holidays, I’ve been in keeping with what I committed myself to, and I’m happy about that.

Something else I’m really happy about lately is how much I’ve been able to connect with the conscious fashion community here and on Instagram. I’m such a newbie and this group of people continues to be the most welcoming and inspiring bunch I’ve ever met. I’m so grateful to have their support and guidance in my journey.

Lastly, want to share this quote that really spoke to me this weekend – not just as it relates to fashion, but as it relates to all things. I hope you enjoy it as well.







Winter 10 x 10 day 6

Yesss! Feel like I’m doing a great job at keeping up with documenting my 10 x 10!

Day 6 and this is starting to get a bit more challenging – I sort of was dressed like a mime today.

I wore my LOFT striped top, VETTA culottes with the suspenders attached and my rag & bone boots as my 10 x 10 picks.

I accessorized again with my Modern Citizen/ Amarilo hoops and Finley Jewelry choker that I featured in day 5 and day 3, respectively, since I was running a little late to work and these were easily accessible in my jewelry box.


Thoughts on this look: I received a lot of compliments at the office, which is funny because as I was leaving the house this morning all I could think was, “I can’t believe I am going to the office dressed like a mime.” So maybe it was more in my head than anything else. I guess I would wear this outfit again! It’s funny how we can be so much more critical of our appearance than others might be.

In related 10 x 10 challenge news, I think I might swap out my Cuyana open back sweater for a different top, since it has been warmer here than I thought it would be and as a result I haven’t even been able to incorporate that item yet. That’s really the only thing stressing me out about the challenge, so maybe tonight I’ll just go ahead and do it. I think  I’ll grab my lightweight Cuyana sweatshirt instead – it will also add a bit of color to my capsule.

I’ve been brainstorming/ doodling the rest of my outfits and I think if I make that swap I’ll finish the challenge strong!


Winter 10 x 10 days 4, 5

Combining days 4 and 5 into one post since I forgot to write one yesterday. 🙂

Day 4 was a rainy day, and so I wasn’t feeling super creative. For that reason, I kept things pretty simple.

I wore my Amour Vert petal dress and Softwalk boots from my designated 10 x 10 picks, and accessorized with tights, my Komuso Design necklace, a trench coat and a red lip.

Thoughts on this look: I do wish I had put a bit more styling effort into this outfit, but sometimes life just calls for simplicity. I think that I can make it a bit more interesting the next time I wear it during the challenge.

Thanks M., for taking my picture! You can see the reflection of his head in the microwave, LOL.


For day 5, I went with an all-denim outfit – thankfully I work in a casual office!

I wore my high-rise button fly jeans from Madewell, my Target chambray shirt and my rag & bone harrow boots as my 10 x 10 picks. I accessorized with Amarilo seamless hoops from Modern Citizen, my Cuyana scarf and my Berg + Betts watch.

(If you’re wondering why I link to some things and not others, I just link to things that are newer and I can actually find online. A lot of the items I’m wearing are a bit older.)

Thoughts on this look: I like it! It’s casual and comfortable and feels like a “get stuff done” outfit. I especially think the hoops elevate it a bit. 





Some reflections now that I’m at the halfway point in the challenge: It’s been really eye opening for me to see how creative I can be with a capsule wardrobe, and a learning experience that I probably don’t need as many clothes as I always thought I did.

I also always thought of “styling” outfits as something I just didn’t have a knack for; that was for the “real” bloggers and the “real” fashionistas. But I’m finding that I actually am good at it. I just never gave myself a chance to be before. From deliberately choosing to tuck something in, roll something up or tie a scarf, I’m seeing how small choices I make do have an impact on my wardrobe.

With the challenge halfway over, I hope you’ve been enjoying seeing my outfits so far – looking forward to the next five days!


Winter 10 x 10 day 3

Winter 10 x 10 day 3

It’s day 3 of my Winter 10 x 10! Monday means it’s back to the office for me, so I wanted to wear something polished and professional. I can wear jeans to work, but I try not to wear them on Mondays, at least.

I got pretty fortunate that it has been fairly warm out, so I was able to wear my culottes with a short-sleeved top and not have to layer up with scarves, etc., since I didn’t pick a cardigan as part of my 10 x 10 (rookie mistake).

For today, I chose my Miranda Bennett Studio everyday top, which I recently purchased secondhand (though the person was selling it new with tags!) I have the silk noil version, and I love how natural the fabric looks and how comfortable it is.

I also wore my VETTA Capsule culottes, without the suspenders attached, and my rag & bone harrow boots.

To accessorize, I kept the look minimal with my Finley Jewelry choker and my Berg + Betts watch.



Thoughts on this look: I love it! The top was a bit hard to tuck in since it is slightly cropped in the front and longer in the back. When I picked these pieces it didn’t really occur to me that this could be an issue, since the VETTA culottes and my jeans are a higher rise. It ended up being a bit of a problem. But ultimately, and with some fiddling, it worked out.

I normally wouldn’t consider a billowy silhouette on both the top and bottom of my outfit since I’m fairly petite, but I do in fact feel very polished and put together thanks to the sleek lines of the culottes and the minimal jewelry.

So far, I am enjoying how this challenge is making me think differently about my clothes and branch out from the combinations I would usually wear.


closet hellos, closet goodbyes.

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last posted anything I’ve dreamt up myself (as in, not 10 x 10!) Traveling for work always messes up my schedule for days and days after. I feel like I just can’t get caught up on anything.

Continuing to shape my closet and define my style moving into 2018. I’ve parted with a lot of items recently via reselling them. A hot pink blazer (honestly, I don’t even know where I thought I would wear that when I bought it), a striped sweater from J.Crew that I just didn’t find myself reaching for anymore, some jewelry, several pairs of pants with an inseam that didn’t fit me properly, some shoes, and some dresses that were a little too “nightclub” for my actual real life (those were painful to sell though, because they were Reformation). And I still have more things to sell! I feel as though I really have gotten to know myself and my style so much better over the past six months, and I’m buying more items that fit my lifestyle and that look good on me, versus what is trendy.

A few new closet additions are the following (using brand images since a lot of the items haven’t actually arrived yet):

Miranda Bennett Everyday Top (mine was purchased secondhand on noihsaf.bazaar and it’s more of an off-white. You’ll see it soon in my 10 x 10!).


VETTA Cropped Blouse (purchased secondhand):vetta-cropped-blouse

Lastly, I got the new Cuyana French Terry Sweatshirt in quartz and the alpaca scarf in gray. These were exciting because I received two of the same gift from Cuyana for Christmas, so I was able to return one and pick out these! The alpaca scarf was interesting to shop for. I was torn between it and cashmere version, but I recently learned that alpaca is much better for the environment than cashmere. So that’s the material I went with. Of course, I am still concerned deeply about animal welfare in my clothing, but I’m not sold on some of the synthetics. Alpaca seemed like a moderately responsible choice, so I’m excited to receive it!


Winter 10 x 10 day 2

As promised, getting caught up TODAY on getting my 10 x 10 outfits on here so that I can keep up with posting about the challenge.

I did have to wash these jeans thanks to the smoky concert I went to last night, but it all worked out fine and they were clean in time for us to go house hunting! We saw a really lovely condo, but it might have too much bedroom space and not enough actual living space. Thinking about it though, as it does have potential – it’s downtown, which is nice for us. And we also saw a house but it was really a gut job, and seemed sort of haunted, so that one wasn’t so successful.

Anyway, I am really happy with this day 2 outfit! The button fly on these Madewell jeans really is so flattering, and this LOFT top is soft and well-loved and comfortable. I wore my Softwalk Chelsea boot since it was kind of a busy day, so heels wouldn’t make sense.

Since accessories don’t count in the 10 x 10, I decided to have a little fun! I wore my favorite silk bandana by Ozma of California (you can find it here, the color I have is “adobe”) and this floppy felt hat by Leith. I actually have never worn this hat, despite having it for more than a year or so. I had to cut the tags off it today! I loved it and bought it but ultimately wasn’t sure if I was really a hat person – and I’m so glad I didn’t return it or sell it on Poshmark, like I had been thinking of doing.



Posing will never come naturally to me. LOL.

Winter 10 x 10 picks + day one

Hi everyone! So, I’ve decided to jump in to the Winter 10 x 10 challenge. I have followed along with past ones, but always felt that I maybe wasn’t quite there yet with my capsule wardrobe skills to participate (and put it out there for everyone to see). But, I’ve decided to join in on the fun this time. Started a day late, but better late than never.

I’ve actually posted the below images to my Instagram already (the beauty of Instagram is when I’m pressed for time I can still get content up, the bad part is that it makes me a little blog-lazy). I’m going to also try to get day two’s outfit up here later today, so that I can be all caught up on my schedule.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the 10 x 10 challenge was created by responsible style blogger Lee Vosburgh and is co-hosted by Carolyn Joy.

How it works: You pick ten pieces of clothing (including shoes!) to wear for ten days, as ten different outfits. There are some loose guidelines to make it work for everyone’s lifestyle – you can add extra shoes if you need, accessories don’t count (mix it up!), lounge wear and gym wear don’t count in the ten items, etc. I added a cami to mine (I guess technically an undergarment, but some people might wear it as a top) and I’m not counting outerwear because it’s freezing here, so that’s a necessity.

Below are the pieces I picked, and why. I was going to give a better view of them, but you’ll see them all as I wear them so that might make it more fun.


  1. rag & bone harrow booties: I recently purchased these secondhand, and I picked them because they’re comfortable enough to wear all day, but the heel allows me to dress them up as well.
  2. Madewell high-rise button fly jeans: I just love these jeans. They’re thick with just a little stretch and the high rise is flattering with basically any top.
  3. VETTA Capsule culottes: These wide leg pants are perfect for the office or to dress up. They also have detachable suspenders, so you can wear them as more of an overall, which makes them versatile and functional.
  4. Target chambray shirt: This top is really old but one of my favorites. It has definitely gotten more than 30 wears. It’s so soft and can be dressed up for the office or worn casually.
  5. Amour Vert petal dress: This simple, lightweight black dress by Amour Vert, with a dropped waist, is perfect for layering. I haven’t really thought through all the ways I’ll wear it though (maybe throw a top over it and make it like a skirt?) So this one will be interesting.
  6. Softwalk Chelsea boot: Bought these in Norway last year when I didn’t have boots packed and the weather was awful. They’re so comfortable!
  7. LOFT striped long-sleeve tee: Honestly, I just really like stripes.
  8. Miranda Bennett Studio everyday top: I snagged this top on @noihsaf.bazaar. The silk noil fabric is both breathable and warm when layered.
  9. Philosophy suede cropped tee: I love this little suede top. I purchased it in Greece last year at a boutique. It’s great to dress up, so comfortable and machine washable.
  10. Cuyana open-back sweater: I’ve featured this a few times so I’ll just keep things brief. This sweater is so warm, has a modern split back and is beautifully made.
  11. (Plus my cami).


So many pretty textures!

Okay, so this all brings me to my day one of the challenge. This was pretty easy since I had everything to choose from. I was going to a concert with a friend as well, so I knew that my Madewell jeans, Philosophy top and rag & bone boots made sense from both a style and practicality standpoint.


Also, here’s a rare glimpse of our apartment, I never photograph it much since we’re so cramped in here (as you know from me mentioning our house hunting, probably). Not shown: all the things being stored on top of the cabinets. Ha!

I’ve already run into a bit of an issue with the challenge, in that the concert I attended was at a casino, so my clothes got so smoky smelling (and so did my hair). I hate that! So I am actually washing everything as we speak, so it will be all fresh for today/tomorrow/etc. I was hoping to be able to wear the jeans twice, but it wasn’t going to happen.

Will aim to get today’s outfit up later! Are you participating in the challenge? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to check out your blog or Instagram for inspiration!


Luna loves the 10 x 10 Challenge!